Why Is BodyFx Treatment Superior To Any Other Body Contouring Treatment?

It is common for men and women to gain weight during their middle age. In women, it could be due to a pregnancy. A hectic lifestyle is another common cause of weight gain in both men and women as it can prevent them from taking good care of their health.

The weight gain in women is often centered around a few specific regions such as the thighs, breast, arms, and the abdominal region. In men, the excess weight tends to accumulate more commonly around the abdominal region resulting in central obesity.

Laser fat removal Toronto through BodyFx treatment can offer a great option for men and women to lose excess fats and contour their body shape to help them look more desirable, younger, and attractive.

Here is a brief discussion about how BodyFx treatment for body contouring Toronto offers superior results compared to other treatments performed with a similar purpose.

What Is BodyFx Treatment?

BodyFx treatment is a non-invasive procedure that makes use of natural powers such as cold and heat to eliminate stored fat cells from the body. This treatment is aimed at providing an even-toned and smoother appearance to the body.

Most people choose to undergo a body contouring Toronto to get rid of the stubborn deposits of fats in their “problem areas” that persist despite a healthy diet, and regular exercises. While it may sound strange, it is a fact that men and women find it difficult to shed weight once they enter their middle age. The inability to lose weight worsens further as then age advances.

According to research studies, this may happen due to the reduction in the metabolic rate and glucose tolerance due to advancing age. These age-related changes in the body’s metabolic functions make it more difficult for men and women to burn fats effectively in spite of exercising or reducing their calorie intake resulting in weight gain.

This is where body contouring processes such as BodyFx treatment can help them eliminate the stubborn fat deposits and restore the natural contours of the body.

Here is a brief discussion about how BodyFx laser fat removal Toronto can help to simulate the loss of fats from the body and help a person shed a few pounds while improving the body contour.

How Does BodyFx Treatment Work?

BodyFx works by destroying the adipose tissues that lie beneath the skin layers. It addresses the problematic fatty tissues in the larger body areas including the abdomen, thighs, and back (flanks).

BodyFx body contouring Toronto treatment involves the use of different technologically-advanced and clinically-proven methods such as radio-frequency energy to eliminate excess fats. It also involves the application of negative pressure to the skin layer and underlying fat to derive faster and better results.

What Are The Benefits Of BodyFx Treatment?

Selective Fat Removal

When a person gains weight, the deposition of fats occurs only in a few specific areas in the body. Hence, the treatment needs to be directed at those specific areas to ensure more effective results.

Laser fat removal Toronto offers a unique technology that allows a physician to destroy fats and adipose tissues in the specific areas only.

The technology allows a physician to safely optimize the peak energy level in a specific region by pre-heating the tissues. This can help in the selective destruction of fat cells and ensure the fat loss occurs only in areas where there was a deposition.

This can restore a person’s natural body contour and enhance his or her overall appearance. Thus, BodyFx treatment can be customized depending on the specific preferences of the patient.

Temperature Monitoring

The sophisticated monitoring of tissue temperature during BodyFx treatment can also help to maintain optimal lower and higher temperature during the session thereby preventing atrophic damage to the tissues. This can preserve the natural ability of the skin cells and underlying tissues to regenerate and repair themselves following the sessions.

Non-invasive Procedure

A few decades earlier, obese patients were advised to undergo extensive invasive procedures like liposuction to eliminate excess fats. These procedures were associated with serious complications linked to the administration of anesthesia, wound healing, and so on.

BodyFx treatment, on the other hand, offers a non-invasive technology that can permanently destroy the adipose tissues and restore the natural body contour.

The Skin Changes

Invasive body contouring procedures such as liposuction leave the skin lying in folds as the sessions usually do not involve skin tightening. Once the excess fat has been removed from beneath the layers of the skin, the overlying skin tends to hang loose over the reduced mass of fat.

However, the application of radiofrequency heat during BodyFX contouring treatment contracts the skin so that the skin fits over the reduced mass beneath it tightly and does not hang loose in folds.

This can enhance the overall appearance of the patients and allow them to feel more confident about their changed personality.

Suitable For All

BodyFx therapy, being non-invasive in nature, is suitable for all men and women who want to lose excess fats and restore a normal body contour. It is also safe for patients with cellulite. The temperature-regulated procedure of BodyFx treatment protects the skin against burns and thus, reduces the risk of worsening of cellulitis.

Shorter Duration

BodyFx body contouring Toronto treatment can fit the busy lifestyle of men and women as each session of this therapy takes just 15 to 30 minutes.

To achieve better results, they can undergo four to eight sessions in a week. This would allow for a gradual improvement in their body contour as well as the texture and elasticity of their skin.

Also, body contouring Toronto treatment involves the destruction of fat cells through the exposure to radiofrequency heat. Hence, it can induce a complete elimination of fat cells and adipose tissues in a much shorter duration. This also means the results last for a longer duration of up to 6 months.


BodyFx laser fat removal Toronto offers a highly effective option for men and women who would like to get rid of fats and lose weight. The treatment can specifically target the problem areas and selectively destroy fatty tissues to help a person appear well sculpted. The smoother body contour, reduced risk of side effects and faster results are some other benefits that make BodyFx treatment a superior body contouring option.

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