What Are The Advantages Of Non-Surgical Breast Lift Using Forma Plus Technology?

If there is one thing that is as annoying to women as are wrinkles, then it is the sagging breasts!

However, just like wrinkles, even sagging breasts seem to be an inevitable problem with almost all women experiencing it after the age of 50s and some even earlier.

There can be many factors responsible for the breasts losing their firmness. Though age is the commonest cause, some others like an ill-fitting bra and multiple pregnancies can only make the breasts lose their firmness at a much earlier age.

The women of earlier generations had no other option but to undergo a knife for a surgical breast lift. However, today, women can change the way they look without the need to undergo any surgical procedure. Forma treatment Toronto, and Forma Plus Technology offer Non-Surgical Breast Lift that would lift the sagging breast and provide them the firmness they need.

Here is a brief discussion about the advantages of undergoing Forma Plus and Forma Facial Toronto, for breast lift and what women can expect after the therapy.

What Is Forma Plus?

Forma Plus is a safe and comfortable non-invasive technique that can reverse skin laxity and refine the skin tone. As women’s age advances, the skin starts losing its elasticity.

The loss of collagen coupled with the reduced production of elastin can make the skin overlying the breasts loose and lax. As a result, the skin tends to hang in folds giving them an appearance of sagging breasts.

The laxity of the muscles and layers of the skin of the breasts can also contribute to the sagging of breasts.

Latest advancements in the medical field have made it possible to correct the underlying abnormalities and lift the breasts without the need for the women to undergo an invasive procedure.

InMode machines offer Forma Plus therapies that can provide a safe, comfortable and effective breast lift treatment along with Forma facial Toronto, for the tightening of the skin to improve the appearance of women.

Why Forma Plus?

What makes Forma Plus therapy superior or Forma treatment is the former utilizes fractionated radiofrequency energy for stimulating the production of collagen in the skin and the underlying tissues.

This can enhance the body remodelling effect of Forma treatment Toronto, and help women achieve a toned and more youthful breast contour.

Forma Plus procedure by InMode machines can offer several benefits to women some of which are discussed beneath:

What Are The Benefits Of Forma Treatment For Breast Lift?

Faster results

Women can notice a change in the appearance of their breasts in a much shorter duration following Forma treatment Toronto. The fractionated radio-frequency energy waves emitted by the InMode Forma Plus machines would stimulate the production of collagen. This would enhance the elasticity of the skin overlying the breasts and lift the sagging tissues underneath.

Painless procedure

Invasive surgical procedures performed for breast lift often require women to bear with the post-surgical pain. Most invasive therapies may also leave a scar though it can be masked to some extent by taking an incision along the outer margin of the nipple.

However, non-surgical Forma treatment Toronto, is entirely painless and does not leave a scar. The therapy involves exposure of the breast tissues to the fractionated radio-frequency energy. These waves can penetrate through the skin to stimulate collagen production. Since the therapy does not involve the need to take any incision, women do not experience any pain except for the mild sensation of heat and tightness.

Reduced risk of complications

Invasive surgical procedures are not preferred by most women as these require them to receive anesthesia, which itself can increase their risk of complications. Since most women desiring breast lift are above the age of 50 years, the risk of age-related complications due to anesthesia increase further.

On the other hand, Forma treatment Toronto, being a non-invasive procedure, can be performed without any anesthesia. This can help women avoid the risks of anesthesia and allow them a safer approach to improve their appearance.

Consistent results

Forma treatment, Toronto, by InMode machines is based on the technology that targets the deeper tissues within the skin. The fractionated radio-frequency energy waves to which the breasts are exposed work evenly over the entire area to ensure no part of the breasts and the skin is over or under-treated. This can optimize the results and provide consistent outcomes for an even firming up and lifting of the breast tissues.

Higher convenience

Unlike surgical breast lift procedures, non-invasive Forma Plus therapies have no downtime. Women can visit the physician to undergo the sessions and continue with their daily routine following the therapy.

Depending on the laxity of the skin overlying the breasts, women may need to undergo one or more sessions. In the case of severe sagging, they may need multiple sessions of a breast lift. They would typically notice a gradual reduction in the skin folds after the sessions leading to a smoother and firmer contour of the breasts.

Suitable for all

Forma facial Toronto, and Forma Plus treatment is suitable for the women of all ages who would like to lift their sagging breasts and look younger and better. Since it is a non-invasive therapy, even older women need not worry about developing complications that commonly occur due to invasive treatments as a result of their age-related health conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

Additionally, Forma Plus for sagging breasts and Forma facial Toronto, are safe and suitable for all skin types and tones. These therapies can reduce the textural irregularities in the lax skin overlying the breasts and provide a lifted appearance.


Sagging breasts can sometimes be a huge blow to the self-esteem of women. However, most women do not prefer the surgical option for breast lift for the risks involved in the same. Latest innovations in the medical field can offer great benefits to these women to help them treat sagging breasts without undergoing any invasive procedure.

Forma treatment Toronto, by InMode machines can firm up the sagging breasts and enhance their appearance thus boosting their self-esteem.

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