The Most Effective Skin Care Regime For Acne Prone Skin

It is often said that if you have acne, there is nothing to worry about because you are not alone. Especially in this day and age with not only acne but MASKne to contend with.

Well…. It is agreed that acne is a very common condition affecting many adolescents, men and women alike, often right into middle age. But this doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let these tiny eruptions take over your life.  With science, medical grade skin care, and years of expertise, solutions are legitimately at our fingertips.

Just because acne is a common skin problem doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to reduce or control it, there are some highly effective ways available to manage this issue.

Read on to find the best Biologique Recherche products for acne and how these products will improve your complexion and skin tone.

What is acne?

Acne is a common skin condition which occurs when the hair follicles are plugged due to the accumulation of oil and dead cells. It may cause whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

The excessive production of an oily substance called sebum in the glands under the skin called the sebaceous glands is one of the common underlying factors responsible for acne. The excessive oils tend to block the skin pores, and this is when acne eruptions develop.

These pores are further obstructed by dead skin cells and bacteria making you prone to develop large bumps and pimples.

Acne is more common among teenagers, though it can also affect adult men and women.

In adolescents, acne occurs due to the imbalances in the levels of hormones in their body. Similarly, pregnant and menopausal women can also have acne due to the changes in the levels of hormones in their body during these phases.  Even women’s menstrual cycles can deeply affect this, being that hormones run rampant through our bodies every 28 days.

In most cases, acne is persistent, which means these eruptions tend to recur after they fade away. The bumps and pimples often heal slowly. But as one eruption begins to go away, the others seem to crop up. This is why the key to avoiding acne is to take care of your skin on a regular basis.

Being a mindful, proactive and using the best Biologique Recherche products for acne will help you avoid acne and have a clean and clear complexion.

Now that we have learned what acne means and why it may occur, let us move on to discuss what makes the Biologique Recherche products the best ones for managing this recurring and annoying skin issue.

Which are the best Biologique Recherche products for acne and how they work?

Complexe Iribiol SERUM

If oily skin is what is making you prone to develop acne repeatedly, then you can try using Complexe Iribiol Serum.

Biologique Recherche has formulated this purifying serum to help you avoid these skin imperfections by controlling the secretion of sebum. Moreover, Complexe Iribiol Serum would also be good for reducing persistent bumps and pimples.

Complexe Serum Iribiol – $94 MSRP

It is enriched with medicinal compounds that reduce inflammation in the skin thereby fading redness and swelling caused due to acne, sunburns, harsh chemicals, and much more.

What makes Complexe Iribiol Serum a must-have in the skincare kit of adolescents is the active anti-microbial ingredients it contains. It would protect your skin against infections and heal the tissues from deep within thereby preventing acne and other imperfections from recurring.

It also contains salicylic acid and zinc that would clear excess debris and skin cells from the follicles and heal the epidermis.

Dermopore SERUM

Dermopore Serum could be perfect for your skin if you want to achieve a balanced look, neither too dry nor too oily. It is a rebalancing serum containing java tea that would control sebum secretion, refine skin irregularities, tighten pores, and purify your epidermis. It would leave your skin looking and feeling like it’s rejuvenated.

Dermopore Serum – $136 MSRP

Dermopore Serum is meant to constrict pores, with consistent use over time to create a look of reduced, smaller, tighter pores.  We recommend that Complexe Iribiol Serum is used first, to clean and purify the pores, Dermopore Serum can be used after to finish the job properly.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400

If you are looking for ways to reduce acne and improve skin tone, try Lotion P50 PIGM 400. It is an exfoliating and skin brightening lotion enriched with vitamins and other medicinal ingredients. It would gently purify and brighten your skin and fade out those pigmentation spots to restore a clear and vibrant complexion.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 – $88 MSRP

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is an exfoliating and brightening lotion that is ideal for dull complexions with hyperpigmented marks. It encourages epidermal renewal and will regulate melanin synthesis while respecting and protecting the skin.  This product will reset your epidermis, over the period of 50 days.   This helps with your moisture barrier, PH level, as well as helping to control sebum and reduce red marks left by acne outbreaks.

Creme ISO-Placenta

If you have a tendency to develop severe acne eruptions, it could be a deep-rooted problem. So, even the solution must be deep-rooted in its action.

In this case, we would recommend Creme ISO-Placenta formulated by Biologique Recherche keeping in mind the need for intense regeneration for the skin. Crème Iso-Placenta is designed to produce a specific action on the post-blemish markings and dull and uneven skin.

It will help to fade acne scars that otherwise persist and leave their mark on your face for extended periods of time.

Creme ISO-Placent – $97 MSRP

Creme ISO-Placenta will also activate cell regeneration and rebuild the superficial and deeper layers of the skin affected by acne, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation.

It will enrich your skin with essential nutrients, support tissue growth, and simulate the natural properties of the human placenta, thereby mimicking the effect of the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Serum Placenta

If your skin needs rapid healing to reverse the damage caused by the recurring episodes of severe acne breakouts, try Serum Placenta by Biologique Recherche.

Placenta serum offers a natural skin regenerating treatment that works perfectly on the post-acne skin. It would heal the damaged skin and repair those tiny imperfections left on your delicate skin.

Placenta Serum – $116 MSRP

It is also suitable for reducing under-eye bags.  It can be dabbed right beneath the eye and this will help reduce inflammation and puffiness. It is recommended for adult men and women who want to regain the youthful glow on their face. Placenta serum would make the skin softer and smoother and even out the complexion while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Lotion MC 110

Lotion MC110 is recommended for plumping up the skin, especially in adult men and women who have started noticing the effect of advancing age on their skin tissues. It would tone up the skin, repair age-related wear and tear of the tissues, and gently exfoliate, creating the look of completely rejuvenated skin.

Lotion MC110 No 1 – $162 MSRP

Another extremely magical way to use the Lotion MC110 is, if you are a woman who suffers from hormonal acne and usually breaks out around the time of your period, you can use Lotion MC110 when you are ovulating (about 10 days before your period) and over time, this will control the hormonal breakouts.  Biologique Recherche has developed a highly concentrative active that is scientifically proven to reduce these hormonal breakouts.


There is nothing more annoying and frustrating for adults than those acne eruptions cropping up to plague our already complex lives.  These eruptions are so easily visible on the face that they affect our overall confidence and can  prevent us from feeling our absolute best.

It is possible to avoid acne or prevent it  from recurring by using the best Biologique Recherche products for acne. You can use these skincare products regularly to reduce acne, clear your complexion, and restore the healthy and natural glow on your face.


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