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Protection + Boundaries Flower Essence for Empaths + Earthkeepers

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Protection is a flower essence blend for empathic, sensitive souls, Land Defends & Water Protectors. For folks who feel other’s emotions, feelings, even physical sensations deeply. Including the energies of the Land, Water, Animals & Creation.

For people who go into a crowded place and feel overwhelmed and/or anxious, or who gather for family gatherings and feel the unease. Protection Flower essence helps us to not feel drained after working in the healing arts, as teachers, sacred activists, land defenders, counsellors, space holders, mamas, parents, doctors, retail clerks, servers, makeup artists, hair dressers etc.

Essentially it offers strong boundaries to all, so that we do not over extend ourselves, give too much, OR take on emotions and feelings that are not ours to carry.

Protection Flower essence is also helpful for those who spend time in meditative states, ancestral work, or any ‘spiritual’ work as it protects us from any harmful energies or entities. Also useful for little ones who tend to be sensitive and pick up on energies or beings in a room or place.


Yarrow, Agrimony, Obsidian essence, Hypericum, Protection Prayers


3 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water. Taken 1-3 times a day, for 3 or 7 days in a row.

Notice any shifts, and pay attention to any changes over the 3 or 7 days. If no shifts occur, continue taking for another 3 or 7 days. From there, take as needed, or during ritual work/meditation/new moon/full moon ceremonies. Whenever you feel you might need stronger boundaries (traveling, living in a large city, holding space, decolonizing work, working w other folks, practitioner, etc.). I carry this one with me at all times 🙂