PRP Microneedling Facial using SkinPen®


The PRP Microneedling Facial using SkinPen® is a premium skin rejuvenation treatment. The collagen-remodelling technology of Microneedling using the SkinPen® successfully interacts with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. This powerful dual treatment stimulates the regeneration of fresh new skin cells from your deepest dermal layer to the surface of your skin – revitalizing it to attain enhanced youthful skin tone and texture, and a glowing complexion.

What does it Treat?

PRP Microneedling Facial using SkinPen® treats the face to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, firm and contract skin laxity, diminish pigmentation, lighten and level out acne or surgical scarring, refine large pores and uneven skin texture, and lessen sun damage.

How quickly will I see results?

Post-treatment, most patient’s skin will ‘feel’ tighter and may experience tenderness and a heat sensation. On average, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks after treatment to see visible improvements in the skin. Patients typically notice improvement to skin radiance, firmness, texture and tone after 4 to 6 weeks – and observe lifting benefits such as a reduction in lines, wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation.

The PRP Microneedling Facial using SkinPen® treatment consists of two impactful procedures that work synergistically to enhance skin renewal results and heighten facial rejuvenation. This convenient cosmetic treatment boasts effective outcomes and a quick recovery time.

Your blood is drawn and processed into Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which is then injected into your skin at predetermined sites. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) deeply stimulates reparative cells through the use of growth factors and cytokines.

Microneedling using the SkinPen® is a non-invasive treatment that remodels skin through the use of tiny, precise micro-punctures – employing collagen-remodelling technology to deeply rejuvenate your skin. It is a safe Health Canada and FDA-approved treatment for non-surgical solutions to improve and rejuvenate your skin, with minimal discomfort.

Most importantly, it can help your skin look smoother and more youthful, with the least amount of recovery time and without the side effects that are associated with more invasive treatments. SkinPen® is trusted and used by leading dermatologists, aestheticians, and other skincare professionals.

When PRP is used with Microneedling, the protein-rich plasma (PRP) penetrates your skin through the tiny channels the microneedles create. The PRP supercharges the microneedling benefits. The body’s amazing regenerative powers activate the production of new healthy cell growth over time, to revitalize the fundamental processes of your skin.

Studies have shown that PRP can expedite the healing process of tissues and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and acne scarring, when used with microneedling. Effective remodelling and overall structure of the skin is improved. It is a non-allergenic treatment and since PRP is derived from your own blood, the side effects are virtually eliminated.

The PRP injection portion of the treatment involves three main steps:

  1. The arm is cleansed at the site and then patient’s blood is drawn
  2. The blood is processed in a centrifuge machine to obtain the platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  3. The Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is then injected into the targeted areas of the skin

The Microneedling using the SkinPen® portion of the treatment involves three main steps:

  1. Cleanse the skin and apply numbing agent
  2. Remove numbing agent and apply cooling, conductive hydrogel
  3. The SkinPen® is then moved across the skin, in quadrants, in vertical and horizontal movements to ensure every area is treated thoroughly

PRP Microneedling Facial using the SkinPen® treatment helps to minimize the signs of aging and rejuvenate your skin’s tone, texture and overall appearance.

This treatment can improve a variety of skin conditions, including:

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loose skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks and scars
  • Sun damage

At Tight Clinic, we use the medical-grade, award-winning microneedling SkinPen® tool, available only through medical professionals. It is designed to work without chemicals or heat to provide a minimally invasive skin-regenerating treatment, with little to no downtime.

The patented, single-use sterile needle cartridge of the SkinPen® is built with the utmost safety in mind. It uses adjustable length, disposable straight needles to penetrate skin at a 90-degree angle, and has a customizable depth adjustment. SkinPen® is also surrounded by a custom-designed BioSheath that acts as a barrier to prevent cross contamination between procedures.

Microneedling using the SkinPen® creates micro-channels (microscopic holes) in the skin at a rate of 1600 per second, while minimizing cellular damage. SkinPen™ can be customized to create precise micro-injuries between 0.25mm – 2.5mm in depth, and personalized for the various needs of the client.

The micro-injuries trigger the release of cytokines and growth factors that stimulate the skin’s natural production of new collagen and elastin.

The activated collagen and elastin help your skin by super-charging the skin’s restorative processes to provide improved structure, strength, support and elasticity.

The Microneedling using the SkinPen® portion of the Facial treatment involves three main steps:

  1. The face is cleansed at the site and then a numbing agent is applied
  2. Once desired numbing is achieved, skin is cleansed again and a cooling hydrogel is applied
  3. The SkinPen® microneedling procedure is applied in horizontal and then vertical motions

The micro-injuries that are created trigger the body to produce collagen and elastin to heal the damaged skin. This complements and further enhances the healing work accomplished by PRP injection.

Utilizing vacuum sealed blood centrifuge tubes, our RN practitioners use a centrifuge to prepare the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The centrifuge at Tight Clinic is a superior model and provides better separation of plasma components to reduce the level of cell trauma and damage; thus improving the quality of the PRP.

PRP Injections are administered using a syringe and a fine needle.

The PRP injection portion of the Facial treatment mainly involves three steps:

  1. The arm is cleansed at the site and then patient’s blood is drawn
  2. The blood is processed in a centrifuge machine to obtain the platelet-rich plasma
  3. The Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is then injected into the targeted areas of the skin

The powerful synergy of using PRP and Microneedling together, optimizes skin regeneration in the deep layers of your skin to improve overall skin texture and tone.

This highly effective dual treatment can tighten and smooth the fine lines of the face and help you regain a refreshed, youthful glow.

In as few as three treatments, Microneedling using the SkinPen® can reveal tighter, rejuvenated skin. Your professional practitioners at the Tight Clinic will recommend a suitable number of sessions of Microneedling using the SkinPen®, depending on the number of sites affected and the extent of symptoms.

For best results, in general, a series of 3 sessions are usually planned. The sessions are performed once every 30 days, over a period of 3 months.

You will see an improvement in after just one or two PRP Microneedling Facial using SkinPen® treatments. However, for deeper lines, scarring, stretch-marks and pigmentation, a course of 3 – 6 treatments will be recommended, once every 4 – 6 weeks.

For optimal results and additional savings, schedule a package of three treatments.

Treatment Area:  Single Treatment:  Three Treatments Package:
Scalp $595 $1495

Your skin will feel glowing and radiant after the initial healing has taken place. Many patients note significant benefits with just one PRP Microneedling Facial using Skin Pen® session. As collagen production continues over the next few weeks, your skin will continue to gradually improve. However, multiple sessions may be necessary depending on your skin concerns and end goals.

The full effects of the treatment will be noticed around 4 – 6 weeks post-treatment, as cells regenerate. Continued improvement will be seen for up to six months after a full treatment series. As new collagen and elastin forms, your skin continues to become taught, more resilient, toned and radiant.

The procedure is usually well tolerated due to the very superficial injections and numbing cream applied prior to the treatment. Some patients experience sensitivity during the PRP Microneedling Facial using Skin Pen® session; but most find the sensation quite mild. As PRP is self-sourced (from your own body), adverse reactions are rare.

Most patients report feeling a tickling sensation or feeling the slight vibration of the SkinPen® during the micro needling treatment. Some clients report that it feels like a warm massage. The microneedling procedure itself does not hurt, though some people may find it uncomfortable to have their blood drawn for the PRP extraction. Our treatment time is approximately 60 minutes.

A topical cleansing antiseptic is applied to the face and then a topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area, to ensure a more comfortable procedure. A blood sample is taken, then spun in the centrifuge for 10 minutes to allow the PRP to separate from the red and white blood cells.

The numbing cream is then removed, and the skin is cleansed again to remove any residual cream or other impurities. The skin is then disinfected and treatment begins with a test patch to determine skin reaction and tolerance levels.

The SkinPen® is then moved across the skin, in quadrants, in vertical and horizontal movements to ensure every area is treated thoroughly. The PRP is applied throughout, and at the end of the treatment.

During the Micro-needling treatment, you may feel a sensation similar to light sandpaper or a dry brush being moved across the surface of the skin.

For most individuals, the recovery process will last about 48-72 hours after a SkinPen with PRP treatment. Your skin may be a bit sensitive at first and feel similar to a sunburn; feeling hot, stingy, red and tight.

The most commonly reported temporary side effects are redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, tingling, numbness, lumpiness, and/or a feeling of pressure or fullness at the injection sites or in the treated areas.

By the next day, many patients are able to return to their normal skincare and makeup routine, while others choose not to wear makeup for 2-3 days while their skin heals. We will talk to you about products to keep your skin moisturized and protect it from the sun following treatment.

Skin may flake or peel post-treatment. This is part of the skin rejuvenation process. Depending on the condition of the skin prior to treatment, this may be quite noticeable and last for around a week. It is important not to pick or peel the skin as this may cause scarring or pigmentation. Pigmentation may darken post-treatment before showing improvement. It is important to follow the aftercare advice carefully to aid the wound-healing process and to prevent any excessive inflammation post-procedure. You will be given a complimentary tube of a soothing cream to reduce inflammation and redness, and promote skin cell rejuvenation and healing.

The PRP Microneedling Facial using Skin Pen® doesn’t rely on heat or chemicals, so the results are natural and it is safe for all skin types and skin tones, from light to dark.

It is a favourable option for individuals who want a non-invasive, natural-looking approach to improving their skin tone, texture, and laxity. Because there is very little downtime, it is an ideal treatment for busy, active people.

You’re a good candidate for the PRP Microneedling Facial using Skin Pen® if you have an uneven skin tone, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

This treatment is Not Recommended if you have medical conditions that could worsen with platelet-rich plasma injections, such as an active infection or cancer, blood and bleeding disorders, or anemia. If you are prone to cold sores, this treatment may trigger a breakout – but even then, these breakouts can be prevented with pre-treatment and post-treatment medication.

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