BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device is the non-invasive body contouring apparatus that provides an intense workout to targeted muscles to help sculpt your body. Through the use of high-intensity electromagnetic therapy, EMSCULPT contracts muscles beyond what is possible through voluntary effort, yielding improved muscle tone and strength while enhancing fat reduction.

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What does it Treat?

The BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device can build, tone, define and lift muscles on your abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs as it reduces fat in the targeted areas.

How quickly will I see results?

You can begin to feel results immediately after your first treatment. These will be small changes, like posture improvements or decreased fatigue during exercise.

Greater muscle definition typically begins to be seen at two to four weeks post-treatment, with the most visible results peaking at six to twelve weeks after a BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device session.

Over time, you will see a toned, leaner targeted area with notably less fat. Some patients can see more muscle definition even after their first session. Clinical studies have shown that results can continue to improve for up to six months post-treatment.

BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device is a non-invasive treatment apparatus that makes you feel as if you’ve had a high intensity workout, without actually working out! It is a innovative device designed to build muscle and sculpt your body while it simultaneously helps burn and reduce fat. Through the high intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure, clients can enlarge and define targeted muscles as well as grow new muscle fibres.

Treatment can be targeted to specific areas to help build muscle mass and enhance definition, generating a slimmer, more toned appearance. The two most commonly treated areas are the glutes and the abdomen but it also can be targeted to contour the upper arms, calves, or thighs.

What sets EMSCULPT apart from the pack is its duality: It not only eradicates fat cells (for a 19 percent loss after four treatments), but simultaneously builds muscle fibres (by roughly 16 percent). Post-treatment, you can feel physically stronger while exercising which is perfect for anyone who loves working out, but may feel they’ve reached a plateau.

BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device technology is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM). The patented device induces thousands of powerful muscle contractions at a rapid pace, not allowing the targeted muscle to relax.

These HIFEM muscle contractions are not achievable through voluntary means. The targeted muscle tissue is then forced to adapt to these extreme conditions.

Your body responds with a deep remodelling of its inner structure to create a highly effective metabolic reaction which burns calories and fat as it builds muscle tissue. This generates fat reduction, firmer & stronger muscles and better sculpted body contours.

During this simple non-invasive procedure, the EMSCULPT applicator pad is securely fastened to the targeted treatment area and activated. The procedure runs independently but clients are attended to during active treatment. The process takes between 20 – 40 minutes, depending on the selected area.

Treatment is initiated at about 30-35 percent muscle intensity and patients will feel some muscle activation, almost like a tickling sensation, and then be titrated to full intensity within about five to ten minutes.

No preparation before or after the treatments is required, thus no recovery time is needed.

Optimum results are typically seen after a specified series of treatments, dependant on your goals.

The cutting-edge technology of BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device addresses muscle mass and definition:

  • Increases the size of existing muscle fibres
  • Stimulates the production of new muscle fibres
  • Enhances fat metabolism in the targeted area
  • Boosts the amount of calories the targeted muscles burn

High-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy is the technology used by the BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device. It is Health Canada & FDA cleared, and has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy through seven independent US-based clinical studies.

The treatment works by directing HIFEM energy to the targeted area and can induce up to 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in a 30 minute session. It uses electromagnetic energy (the E and the M in EMSCULPT) which causes intense involuntary muscle contractions in the target area.

In response, the muscles contract to 100% capacity and hold the contraction for up to six seconds. The average person, no matter how strong, can only contract their muscles to less than 50% capacity for a fraction of a second. Responding to these extreme conditions, muscles hyper-contract and a remodelling of the inner structure occurs.

Fat cells degenerate, while muscle fibers are built. Over time, targeted muscles become more firm, lifted, and defined.

During this intense exercise triacylglycerols, an energy reservoir in adipose tissue (body fat), are hydrolyzed to free fatty acids – which are then released to the circulation. This provides the fuel to sustain adequate energy for the rapid contractions. This process of lipolysis, or fat cell destruction, metabolizes the local fat cells. The fat cells are eventually broken down completely and expelled by your body, as waste.

After a four EMSCULPT treatment regimen over a period of one month, clinical studies demonstrated proven fat loss, muscle definition and buttock lifting. The following average results were achieved with healthy patients:

  • 19% reduction of subcutaneous fat – and a 23% reduction three months post-treatment
  • 4 cm (1.5 inch) loss in waistline circumference
  • 16% increase in muscle mass
  • 11% reduction in abdominal muscle separation (called diastasis recti)
  • 5x increase in fat metabolism (apoptotic index increased from 19% to 92% after treatment)
  • 80% of patients with visible lifting effect of buttocks
  • 96% patient satisfaction

One of the most important factors in the success of the BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device procedure is the amount of treatment sessions that are performed.

At the first appointment, the consultation process helps to determine your goals and a treatment plan. Clients will have photos of the treatment area taken so that we are able to benchmark progress.

Each session consists of a 30-minute treatment on one particular area of the body. The EMSCULPT protocol recommends four 30-minute sessions over a two week period of time, spaced a few days apart for optimal results.

If you’re working on two or more body parts, it will require an additional 30-minute session per body part.

A maintenance session every 4 – 6 months will help maintain the gains in muscle-tone for much longer. It is also worth noting that a commitment to physical fitness and wellness will further maintain that toned, lifted appearance.

For optimal results and additional savings, schedule a package of four treatments. We also have special maintenance pricing after you finish your package, so you can come in to maintain results.

Treatment Area:  Single Treatment:  Three Treatments Package:
Scalp $595 $1495

Due to the nature of the BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device treatment, the results are not immediate. The full effects of the treatment will be noticed after 2 – 4 weeks, with the most visible results peaking at six to twelve weeks.

Not unlike going to the gym and exercising rigorously, muscle tissue takes time to build. Continued improvement will be seen for up to six to twelve weeks after a full treatment series. Multiple sessions may be required for you to reach your optimal goals.

Clinical studies have shown that treatment areas can continue to improve for several weeks, and up to six months after your last EMSCULPT treatment.

If you work out once and never go back to the gym, those muscle atrophy, and the same is true for muscle mass gained by EMSCULPT. You can expect to keep your results for six months to a year, but it is recommended that you keep these results up with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise.

BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device is non-invasive and is relatively painless. Our practitioners have total control of the treatment and the rate can be adjusted to a level that is comfortable to you.

The rubber applicator pad is placed on the target muscle area, such as your abs, arms, thighs, or buttocks. The pad then produces intense electromagnetic waves that cause rapid involuntary muscle contractions.

You may feel rapid contractions or a ‘pulling’ sensation, as if an intense vibration has reached your inner core. After several contractions, the machine will perform a tapping motion that helps release the lactic acid and toxins from the muscle.

Each EMSCULPT treatment goes through three phases over 30 minutes. To begin with, the machine works at a relatively low power to avoid hyper-stressing the muscles, then it is turned up depending on your tolerance levels. Through both of these phases, you will feel (and even see) your muscles tightening. At the end of your session the intensity rate is gradually decreased to finish with slower contractions.

The part of the body that was targeted will feel like it got an intense workout, although you did not put in any voluntary effort. Patients who are very lean may feel stronger stomach contractions than patients who have more abdominal fat.

You may feel mild soreness after a treatment but this usually disappears within a day – much faster than the soreness from many gym workouts. The EMSCULPT device helps flush out toxins and lactic acid as part of the process. Your muscles won’t feel completely over-exercised, so you won’t experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) like you may after a rigorous gym session.

These sessions are a great option for those with busy, active lifestyles because there is no preparation prior to treatment and no post-care plan.

After a session, resume normal activities and drink plenty of water.

Good candidates for the BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device are generally healthy, stable and at an ideal body weight – and want to strengthen, tone and build muscle.

This treatment is ideal for those who are relatively fit and looking for assistance in attaining extra definition and tone, which their current efforts may not be accomplishing.

BTL EMSCULPT Body Toning Device can be used by athletes and patients recovering from sports injuries. It is an expedient way to strengthen and tone the muscle groups that have become weak due to an injury.

EMSCULPT is not designed for weight loss; individuals who have a lot of generalized body fat won’t see a huge difference. It is best for individuals who are in good shape already and serves as an ‘icing on the cake’ treatment.

Clients with an implanted electronic device, such as a pacemaker, or an artificial joint in the treatment zone, are Not candidates for EMSCULPT. Individuals with metal or electronics, like a pacemaker, implanted anywhere in their body, or patients with a history of muscle issues such as complicated hernias, are Not suitable to receive EMSCULPT altogether. It is Not recommended to use on the chest as it has a powerful electric current which can reach the heart and affect the rhythm of the heart, so it could be fatal.

This treatment is Not Recommended if you take or have the following:

  • Active skin cancer in the treatment area
  • Open wounds, sores or irritated skin in the treatment area
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Active cold sores
  • Sunburn or active rashes

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