Lotion P50 & Masque Vivant: The 2 Holy Grail Products By Biologique Recherche

If I ask you to name the most important organs in your body, I am almost positive that  you will state your heart, your brain, and your lungs. Have you ever had the thought that your skin is perhaps as important as these organs? 

Even though your skin doesn’t actually beat, does not mark your intelligence, and does not seem to be breathing, it actually plays a huge role in keeping you healthy. 

And above all, it is our skin that marks our existence, our personal journey, and our uniqueness. 

Healthy skin is the reflection of your overall health. And this is why you must take good care of your skin and do not underestimate its powers, abilities and functions. If you are troubled with skin issues like acne, rosacea, aging signs like wrinkles, or pigmentation, you need to use the best skincare products to restore optimum skin health. 

Even if your skin looks healthy, I imagine that we all will want it to look younger, glow more, feel smoother, and have a dewier, youthful complexion and tone. 

This is where enters the role of Biologique Recherche! Let me introduce you to the world of Biologique Recherche by sharing the two most popular products by this brand. 

About Biologique Recherche

When it comes to finding solutions to your skin issues, you can rest assured knowing that  it is Biologique Recherche that will truly have exactly what your skin requires. 

Biologique Recherche has earned a great reputation as one of the most effective and safe skincare brands. What makes Biologique Recherche click for most men and women is each of its skincare products is carefully formulated to be suitable for different skin types. 

You can choose the best creams, serums and masques for your specific skin concerns based on your specific skin type. This is why the results you will be able to achieve will be remarkable, in depth and longer-lasting. 

Among all the products of Biologique Recherche, there are two products that have been the most popular, deemed the “Holy Grail Skincare Products”.  The “Cannot live without” products.

These are Lotion P50 & Masque Vivant. 

You can call them the Holy Grail of skincare because these products work through the superficial as well as deeper layers of the skin and cleanse it from within leaving it looking completely rejuvenated. This bespoke and life changing experience would be comparable to the kind of divinity the Holy Grail radiates. 

Do you want to know what makes Lotion P50 & Masque Vivant so popular? 

Let me introduce you to the unique mechanisms of the multi-layered actions of Lotion P50 & Masque Vivant and how they work so that you get an idea of why they are called the Holy Grail when it comes to taking care of your skin. 

Lotion P50

P50T by Biologique Recherche

P50 lotion, Toronto, is a purifying and exfoliating lotion from Biologique Recherche formulated to restore the healthy glow on your face. It is considered the cornerstone of the unique and customized method of skincare recommended by Biologique Recherche that ensures your skin receives the most suitable treatment. 

Biologique recherche lotion P50, Canada, is formulated to improve your skin tone and complexion. It works by stimulating epidermal reconditioning, technically a gentle but effective form of Chemical Exfoliating.

If your skin is too dry, P50 lotion, Toronto, will make it softer and more supple. At the same time, it will also regulate the production of an oily substance called sebum in the sebaceous glands in your skin so that your skin doesn’t look like an oil slick.

Lotion P50T – $ 72 MSRP

This is how P50 lotion, Toronto will recondition your skin by creating a perfect state of hydration.  It is often said that a healthy epidermis is like the “roof” to your skin’s house.  If the epidermis is compromised, moisture cannot stay inside, and important nutrients can easily escape.  A good roof on the proverbial house ensures that everything is sealed properly and sets the base for a perfect foundation and glow.

What makes Lotion P50T a multifunctional skincare lotion is that it can also exfoliate, cleanse, and purify your skin. It will gently remove the dead and damaged cells accumulated on your skin to reveal the healthy cells present beneath. 

This is why; Lotion P50T is considered suitable for men and women prone to develop seborrhea and keratinization.

It will cleanse and purify your skin by eliminating toxins, dirt, dust, and germs from its superficial and deeper layers. This will provide considerable relief from the symptoms of acne and rosacea and improve the skin tone. 

Lotion P50T is also recommended for maintaining the acid pH balance in the skin. With regular purification, Lotion P50T will turn your dull and lusterless skin into mattified and rejuvenated.

P50 PIGM 400 

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is a brightening and exfoliating lotion by Biologique Recherche. It is ideal for men and women who want to improve the natural glow on their face. It is specifically formulated to improve skin complexion and reduce hyperpigmented marks.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 – $88 MSRP

It will promote faster epidermal renewal by stimulating the regeneration of new cells and regulate the synthesis of skin pigments called melanin to reduce dark spots and patches.  

Regular use of Lotion P50 PIGM 400 will fade the hyperpigmentation making your skin look even-toned with a brighter, dewy complexion. 

Masque Vivant by Biologique Recherche

Masque Vivant is a rebalancing face mask by Biologique Recherche formulated to regulate the sebum production in your skin and reduce acne breakouts. This product can also be used as a spot treatment for when you are breaking out.  You can apply to new breakouts before bed, let dry, sleep, and wake up with rejuvenated skin. 

Masque Vivant – $70 MSRP

It will also tighten pores thus preventing germs, dust, and dirt from entering and clogging the skin pores. This will reduce your chances of getting acne recurrently.  Masque Vivant is high in Vitamin B and Yeast, which are such pure and healing ingredients for the skin.  If you spend some time on Google or Pinterest, experts say that if you use Masque Vivant every day, you will ‘Never get old’.  This is a bold claim, but Masque Vivant is a rare, hard to find, worldwide favorite among celebrities and the world elite.

Masque Vivant creates a soothing feeling by rebalancing the pH in the skin. With its higher concentration of purifying ingredients, this face mask will reduce blemishes and breakouts, leaving your skin cleaner, healthier, and mattified.

It is particularly suitable for men and women having acne-prone skin. 


Now, do you understand why Lotion P50 & Masque Vivant are called the Holy Grail? 

The immense therapeutic effects created by Lotion P50 & Masque Vivant on your skin will help you look younger and more vibrant without those annoying acne breakouts, blemishes, wrinkles, and age spots. 

Biologique recherche masque vivant buy online if you want your skin to look as clean and clear as the sanctity aligned with the actual Holy Grail. Use these products regularly and enjoy the difference it makes to how you look on the outside and how you feel, on the inside.  Healing from the outside can make you feel so much different on the inside as well.  Taking care of ourselves is a multi- pronged endeavour, but this is a solution that truly works.


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