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Not all lip injection therapies are the same. The quality of the product and the skills, experience and knowledge of the injector can influence the results you can derive. Book your complimentary assessment session now to find out how our expert therapists can help enhance your natural beauty.

2 common reasons for lip filler

1) Rejuvenation
Aging of lips occurs due to the loss of volume. Most people have less defining lip borders and creases and fine lines. Dermal fillers can restore the lost volume of the lips, smoothen those lines, and creases and enhance the definition of your lips.

2) Enhancement
Those who desire voluminous and defined lips can achieve the desired results instantly with the premium dermal fillers. At Tight Clinic Toronto, we specialize in designing perfect lips.

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Professional procedures

Our trained specialists have the experience and expertise in choosing the best lip enhancement treatment for you. The professional assessment by our experts will optimal results to restore your pouty lips.

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Excellent patient care and service

At Tight Clinic Toronto, we emphasize on maintaining world-class standards of treatment and after-care. We offer one complimentary post-treatment checkup after 2 weeks of the session. This enables us to assess the results and help us provide you with a comfortable and excellent experience.

Volbella is designed to help plump up your lips by adding more volume to the tissues beneath. It is formulated keeping in mind the age-related processes that cause the lips to lose their volume.

As we age, our lips and the surrounding tissues tend to lose their defined structure. As a result, the lips become thinner and dry. They also look shriveled or pulled within, something like a reverse state of pouting.

Volbella lip fillers, Toronto, offer a revolutionary skin treatment from Allergan, the maker of innovative skincare solutions like Botox and Juvederm.

Volbella lip fillers can increase the fullness of the lips and smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles on, above, and below the lips to provide a plumper and defined appearance.

Volbella can help your lips look naturally fuller with an enhanced pout for a more kissable look!

Volbella belongs to the list of innovative products in the Juvederm filler portfolio. It has been approved by the FDA to be used for cosmetic purposes. It is an injectable gel containing hyaluronic acid or HA. It is a natural sugar found in the skin that uses Vycross technology to fill up wrinkles and lip lines caused due to aging.

Volbella can be injected into the lips using an ultra-fine needle. It can improve your lip contour instantly and soften the vertical lines called smoker’s lines. The final outcomes would help you achieve enhancement of your lips and symmetry of your features all in just a single comfortable session.

For plumper lips, your certified aesthetic injector at Tight Clinic may recommend other dermal filler products from Juvederm or Restylane.

Volbella lip fillers, Toronto, is primarily designed for lip augmentation. It can improve your pout by enhancing the appearance of the lips and adding more volume to the thin matrix of tissues beneath them.

Some other issues that can be managed with Volbella lip fillers include:

  • Smoothen out wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections
  • Diminishes vertical lip lines called smoker’s lines
  • Enhances the “M” part of the mid-upper lip called the cupid’s bow
  • Accentuates the borders of the lips

Mini lip injections like Volbella can be great for beginners who are looking for a natural-looking subtle improvement in their lip volume. For more pouty or plumper lips, other fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane may be recommended for better results.

A certified skincare practitioner at Tight Clinic will administer Volbella mini lip injections using a fine needle into the tissues beneath the layers of your lips as per the customized treatment plan recommended for you.

During the session, you may just feel mild pressure and negligible sensation of needle pricks.

Volbella lip fillers, Toronto, contain a mild anesthetic agent called lidocaine. Lidocaine would numb the part to be treated thereby preventing any pain or severe pricking sensation.

It ensures minimal discomfort during the sessions. Most patients who choose lip fillers do not experience any pain. The session takes just a few minutes. It is a quick treatment that requires little or no downtime.

Volbella injections are designed to provide quick results. Patients are able to see an immediate improvement in their lips after Volbella injections. In some cases, the results may take a longer time to become noticeable. Symptoms may improve gradually within 2 to 3 days.

The results of lip fillers, Toronto, usually last for up to 12 months. In fact, all the dermal and lip fillers in our portfolio are approved by the FDA for up to 12 months.

The duration of the results can vary based on the amount of loss of volume of lips. If the symptoms are mild and the thinning of lips is not severe, you can expect the results to last longer.

It should be noted that lip fillers are metabolized by the body in a different manner in different patients. Our bodies behave uniquely to the ingredients in Volbella. Hence, the results can last for a variable period depending on how quickly your body metabolizes the fillers.

The other factors that can determine the longevity of results include the type of mini lip injections used and the quantity and depth of the filler injections.