How Does Double Chin Removal Using InMode MiniFX Technology Work?

People with double chin try all sorts of tricks to hide the excess fats and tissues along their neck region. They wear hideous scarfs to mask the double chin or wear a jacket with a hoodie even when the temperatures are high enough to cause too much sweating.

However, instead of trying these methods, wouldn’t it be better to just eliminate the double chin itself?

If you agree, read on to know how InMode MiniFX technology offers a safe and effective way for double chin removal, Toronto, and the benefits you will be able to enjoy through this simple procedure.

What is double chin removal?

A double chin, sometimes called the submental fat, occurs due to the deposition of excess fats under the chin forming an extra layer along the jawline.

A double chin is commonly associated with obesity or weight gain. However, people who have a healthy weight may also develop a double chin. It can occur due to the genetically determined facial structure or loosening of the skin due to aging.

In most cases, patients find it difficult to get rid of double chin in spite of exercising regularly or reducing their calorie intake, especially when it is not the result of obesity.

A double chin can affect the appearance of a person and may even reduce his or her self-confidence.

It is possible to reduce or completely remove the double chin by undergoing a simple and safe cosmetic procedure. Let’s have a look at how InMode MiniFX technology would help to remove a double chin.

What is MiniFX?

MiniFX offers a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that works by delivering radio-frequency energy to eliminate excess fats and other tissues responsible for forming a double chin.

Non-surgical double chin removal, Toronto, would also improve blood circulation and disperse more heat into the deeper tissue of the skin to remove the extra fats more efficiently.

This treatment can improve the facial features by reducing the double chin and restoring a sharp jawline.

Additionally, double chin removal Toronto, may also help to correct other facial skin imperfections including cellulite in the neck region.

The features of InMode MiniFX technology

  • Radiofrequency technology
  • Eliminates fats
  • Tightens the skin
  • Short lasting sessions
  • No downtime
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • Immediate results with continued improvement in the jawline over time
  • Ideal for all genders and skin types

What are the key benefits of double chin removal using InMode MiniFX technology?

InMode technology offers superior results by safely delivering sustained and uniform deep heating.

This technology uses negative pressure to attach the skin of the lower face and neck to the radiofrequency electrodes in order to create uniform heating through the superficial and deeper layer of the skin.

It also possesses advanced features for monitoring temperature actively and providing controlled energy cut-off to ensure optimal safety and comfort.

How does MiniFX Work?

MiniFX double chin treatment, Toronto, involves focusing powerful radiofrequency energy at the unwanted fatty tissue in the neck region with higher precision. The radiofrequency energy is absorbed by the fatty tissues as heat causes a rise in the temperature in this region.

This heating mechanism, combined with the gentle tissue massaging effect delivered by the MiniFX hand-piece, can destroy the fat cells and cause tissue contraction.

It would also stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen would help the tissues of the skin to look tighter, smoother, and more toned.

This benefit of MiniFX technology is particularly suitable for men and women who are having a double chin due to the loose skin folds caused as a result of aging. As age increases, the skin begins to lose collagen. The loss of collagen makes the skin less elastic. It no longer looks firm or toned up and hangs loose beneath the chin causing a double chin appearance.

The InMode MiniFX technology, by stimulating collagen production, would firm up the skin, improve its elasticity, and thus, restore the sharp jawline.

Does MiniFX address smaller areas of fatty tissues?

Yes. While BodyFX is considered ideal for the large pockets of adipose tissues in the abdomen and thighs, MiniFX is more suitable for addressing the smaller pockets.

The therapy involves the use of a smaller hand-piece that is specifically designed to focus powerful body-shaping radiofrequency energy to the smaller parts of the body where fat cell accumulation is common.

This makes it suitable for addressing issues such as excess fats in the neck area causing a double chin and even the “bra fat” deposited in the upper back.

What to expect with MiniFX for double chin removal?

Non-invasive technology

MiniFX provides a non-invasive technology for removing the double chin and restoring a sharp jawline. It uses a combination of clinically-proven modalities such as radio-frequency energy, suction with negative pressure, and deep tissue heating to provide safe and longer-lasting results.

The radio-frequency energy ensures uniform distribution of heat to the skin as well as underlying fats, causing these tissues to contract. The controlled energy pulses and vacuum work synergistically to provide the expected body shaping results.

Safe and gentle

MiniFX treatments are safe and comfortable because the treatment does not involve any pain, incisions, or anesthesia.

During the session, patients may experience warmth of the skin and a mild pulling sensation when the vacuum and radiofrequency smoothen out the target areas.

Immediate and longer-lasting results.

The results of double chin reduction, Toronto, are noticeable immediately after the first session.

Each session takes just 20 to 30 minutes. Gradual improvements in the neck area can be noticed in the following weeks. The results may last for several months.


MiniFX technology by InMode offers an effective double chin removal and jawline defining treatment. Double chin reduction, Toronto, produces precise and optimal heating for the uniform reduction, removal, and contraction of the excess tissues and thus, provides perfect contouring results.


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