Here’s all that you want to know about BodyFX Cellulite Treatments

When cellulite strikes your skin, it can create an adverse impact not just on your appearance but also on your self-confidence! Cellulite basically occurs due to the abnormal distribution of fats, muscle, and connective tissues under the skin. Patients can seek the best cellulite treatment Toronto to relieve these symptoms and restore the natural appearance of their skin.

In mild cases, cellulite can only cause an orange-peel-like appearance with about 3 to 4 superficial depressions. As the condition becomes worse, it may cause deeper depressions at multiple sites making the skin appear like cottage cheese or worn-out mattress.

Irrespective of the cause, the dimples and lumps on the skin caused due to cellulite can make a person extremely conscious of his appearance.

If you are suffering from cellulite, read on to know the answers to all your concerns about BodyFX cellulite treatment Toronto so that you can determine whether it is the best choice for you to manage the symptoms.

Which areas of the body can be treated with BodyFX?

Although BodyFX technology can be used to reduce cellulite symptoms on any part of the skin, the commonly treated regions include the abdomen, thighs, hips, flanks, and back.

The physician would guide the flexible BodyFX applicator over the affected skin areas providing uninterrupted heat to improve body contouring.

How many sessions are required?

In mild cases where the cellulite is limited to a smaller skin area with fewer depressions, the treatment is relatively quick. It may take about 30 to 40 minutes to treat one small region. Multiple skin areas where body contouring is needed can be treated in one session.

Depending on the severity and the extent of the symptoms, you may be advised to undergo multiple sessions of BodyFX cellulite treatment, Toronto. Usually, weekly sessions for 2 to 3 months may be needed in severe cases to achieve the desired results.

What to expect during a session?

You may feel slight tugging or warmth at the site of treatment. For most patients, the procedure is painless and quite tolerable although some patients have reported experiencing sharp, shooting pains.

How quickly can I see the results?

The surface of the skin surface feels softer and smoother immediately. Gradual improvement in the treated part can be noticed following the first few sessions.

The skin tightening effect may take a longer time to become noticeable. The results are optimized after about 6 to 8 months of regular weekly sessions.

Are BodyFX results permanent?

Clinical trials have shown that patients usually experience a 68% reduction in cellulite in the treated area.

The best cellulite treatment, Toronto, would help to destroy the existing fat cells that are exposed to heat and radiofrequency waves permanently. However, the remaining untreated cells may expand, especially if there is fat deposition in the region in the future.

Is BodyFX safe?

BodyFX is an FDA-approved device for body-contouring and reduction of cellulite.

The best cellulite treatment, Toronto, is generally safe as it is performed by an expert medical professional. The skin temperature is monitored throughout the session to ensure maximum comfort and safety. However, as with any other thermal device, there is a minimal risk of burns and scarring.

What is the pre- and post-procedure care required?

You must alert the physician about any open wounds, bruises, active infections, or sunburned areas that must be protected against the exposure to radiofrequency waves during the sessions.

There is absolutely no downtime for cellulite treatment, Toronto, using BodyFX. Your doctor may advise you to drink plenty of water before and after the sessions to promote healing.

Stretching and strengthening of the muscles in the areas prone to cellulite with regular exercises, especially strength training, is also recommended to prevent a recurrence.

Eating a well-balanced diet would help to reduce inflammation throughout the body and allow you to maintain a healthy weight. This would reduce the appearance of cellulite.

What are the other benefits of BodyFX?

Other than reducing the symptoms of cellulite, BodyFX cellulite treatment, Toronto, can provide additional benefits such as:

· Fat reduction

· Firmer skin

· Improved skin texture


BodyFX cellulite treatment, Toronto, offers a safe and effective treatment for the management of this skin condition. It would help to reduce dimpling and those ugly depressions and lumps on the skin.

BodyFX would restore the natural appearance of your skin within just a few sessions and thus, boost your self-confidence. You would no longer feel conscious of how you look and would be able to make the first good impression with your regained confidence!

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