Stretch mark removal & reduction

Nearly half of the population tends to develop stretch marks at some time in their lives. They can affect both men as well as women of various ages. Stretch marks can be reduced by seeking proper treatment at any age. However, the results are better when the stretch marks have recently formed. So, don’t hesitate. Book your free consultation today.

Life events leaving their mark?

Stretch marks are usually caused due to sudden weight gain, pregnancy, medicines containing cortisone, and sudden growth spurts in adolescents. Just because these events have left their mark, it does not mean they have to be permanently visible on your skin.

Stretch Marks - 2

Stretch mark treatments

As stretch marks are caused due to the tears in elastin of the skin, the effective treatments should involve advanced laser and radiofrequency technologies that can stimulate the repair and regeneration of the damaged elastin fibers. These treatments can help to reduce the texture and colour of the stretch marks and enhance the smoother-appearance of your skin.

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Stretch marks may vary in texture, colour, and formation. They may occur due to different reasons. Your skin health needs to be assessed so that a unique skin restoration plan can be recommended to ensure faster and better results. Our expert skincare specilists will assess your skin and recommend a customized plan and care for you before, during and after the treatments.

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