How do you get rid of acne?

Acne can be an extremely problematic condition to treat, severe acne commonly requires a combination of products and treatments over a long period of time, and the specific treatment program must be tailored to the individual. We’ve helped thousands of people to keep acne under control. We can help you too.

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Holistic Care

Acne has a variety of causes and symptoms. When you come to our clinic, an expert Clinician will discuss your medical history, your diet and your current skincare routine to help you treat your acne from the inside out, in-clinic and everyday. We’ll also adjust our treatments to match the nature of your skin.

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Acne At All Ages

Acne is not just a teenage problem, it can strike in adulthood, too. We provide acne treatments tailored to all ages because, regardless of which stage of life you’re at, you deserve to have the confidence that comes with a smooth, acne-free complexion.

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A cleaner, healthier skin

Acne can be painful, it can leave scars and it is difficult to keep under control. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we aim to reverse, prevent and repair the changes in your skin that trigger acne and acne infections. Your skin will be bright and fresh, but most importantly, it will be healthy.

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personalized acne treatments

Depending on the cause Acne can be an prolonged issue. However our medical cosmetic treatments help you regain control over your acne attacked skin. By applying the correct treatment we are able to help prevent future acne breakouts, reduce the damage caused by acne and improve your skin texture.

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Outstanding levels of experience

We take pride in our high standards of care and quality control. Our team of acne professionals will clean your skin in-depth, identifying the root that causes your acne episodes. We place a strong emphasis on maintaining a clean working environment as well as using the latest equipment and procedures to fight acne-causing bacteria and to repair acne scars.

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Therapeutic Skin Care

Our clinics stock more than 20 brands of the most effective medical grade skincare products to help combat acne.

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