Reduce your double chin

A double-chin can mask the natural shape of the face making you look heavier. Now, you can reclaim your jawline and improve your facial features by slimming down the submental fullness without any surgery.


What causes your chin to double?

The appearance of submental fullness, popularly called the double chin, appears due to the formation of a layer of fat beneath your chin or when the skin below the chin sags. It can also occur as a result of aging, weight loss, weight gain, or could be genetic.


Enhance your jawline

A contoured jawline could add definition to your face allowing your best features to look more pronounced or stand out. If you have lost weight recently, reducing submental fullness can enhance your slim appearance.


No surgery, no downtime

At Tight Clinic, Toronto, we offer innovative treatments to reduce submental fullness and the sagging skin without any surgery or downtime. Our team of expert clinicians also offers free consultations to assess your facial features and determine the best treatment suitable for you.

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