Can InMode IPL Lumecca Help To Reduce Sun Damage And Skin Pigmentation?

Remember those lazy youthful days that your spent lounging on the beach under the sun? All you could see as the result of sunbathing was perhaps a deep bronze tan and mild freckles that would disappear in a few days.

Now, fast-forward 10 years and check again.

You will notice the evidence of those unprotected and carefree hours under the sun showing up on your face, neck, chest, and arms. This is the sun-damaged skin!

If these signs of sun damage have been bothering you, read on to find the best sun damage treatment, Toronto, that will help you clear your skin and restore a healthy and youthful complexion once again.

Which is the best sun damage treatment?

Lumecca IPL by InMode offers a safe, non-surgical option for men and women having sun-damaged skin. This treatment involves exposure of the affected skin to the most powerful IPL (intense pulsed light) device to address the common skin concerns including blemishes, pigmentation, imperfections, and irregularities.

Lumecca IPL system, by targeting the affected areas with higher precision, can treat skin pigmentations and vascular lesions caused due to excessive sun exposure.

The common signs of sun damage and how InMode Lumecca IPL can address them

The signs of sun damage initially appear as fine wrinkles. Over a period of time, the constant exposure to the harsh sun rays cause damage even to the deeper layers of the skin due to which more serious signs like sagging, uneven pigmentation, freckles, and dark spots develop.

In some cases, sun damage may become worse showing up as precancerous or cancerous lesions. It is important to undergo appropriate treatment for skin pigmentation removal Toronto, to reduce these signs and prevent complications like skin cancers.

Here’s how InMode Lumecca IPL system would work to fade the common types of skin pigmentations caused due to sun exposure:

Brown spots

Brown spots, sometimes called the age spots or sun spots, occur when the cells under the skin called melanocytes produce a higher amount of the pigment, melanin.

InMode Lumecca IPL helps to reduce these spots by releasing laser rays directed towards the problem areas. It focuses on the brown spots by heating the pigments selectively while leaving the surrounding healthy tissues unharmed.

This is followed by the lifting of the damaged cells by producing heat. It facilitates the movement of the damaged cells to the surface of the skin so that they can be easily removed by the natural exfoliation processes of the body.

The brown spots would fade away once these pigments have been eliminated from the affected areas. It may take about 1 to 2 weeks for brown spots to resolve completely after the InMode Lumecca IPL sessions.

Vascular lesions

Redness and appearance of red lines on the face caused due to vascular issues could also be managed well by InMode Lumecca IPL. These vascular lesions occur when the tiny blood capillaries become visible on the skin as a result of sun exposure, aging, excessive smoking, alcohol intake, or trauma.

Lumecca IPL works on these blood capillaries by specifically heating the red blood cells, causing them to coagulate and form microscopic clots. This would prevent the blood from flowing through these tiny vessels and reduce redness or ‘broken capillaries’ appearance on the face.

Freckling and melasma

Similarly, freckling, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that occur due to sun damage can be reduced by exposing the skin to light rays released by the Lumecca IPL device.

The abnormal discoloration of the skin caused due to these conditions can be corrected as the heating up of the tissues by the device brings about rapid healing by stimulating the secretion of collagen.

Pigmentation treatment, Toronto, with InMode Lumecca IPL can be highly effective for managing sun damage and skin pigmentations.  We discussed how this therapy works on the specific problem areas and addresses the imperfections linked to excessive exposure to the sun.

Let us move on to learn more about Lumecca IPL and find answers to the common queries people have about this therapy.

Lumecca IPL sessions – how many and how often?

Most men and women are able to derive the expected results after undergoing 3 to 5 sessions of pigmentation treatment, Toronto. Usually, these sessions are performed 4 weeks apart.

Why 3 to 5 sessions?

Each session of IPL Lumecca builds upon the earlier one to provide steady improvement in your skin symptoms. It helps the skin to heal gradually and allows the physician to monitor the results.

Depending on the results achieved, the physician would then be able to adjust the settings on the IPL machine to reach the blood vessels and pigmentations at different depths of the skin, so that the specific areas can be targeted.

Why 4 weeks apart?

The skin cells tend to turn over once every 30 to 40 days. Keeping the sessions 4 weeks apart would allow the skin adequate time to recover, heal, and return to the normal state before the next session.

How long do the results of IPL treatment last?

The improvement in your skin tone and complexion would last for 4 to 6 months. Our skin is constantly aging and regularly exposed to harmful elements including UV rays in the sun, air pollutants, chemicals, and toxins. Hence, despite optimizing your skin health, the symptoms may reappear after a few months.

However, taking proper precautions to protect your skin against sun damage may help to improve the results further and enable the effects to last longer.

Once the results start fading, you may visit the doctor for a follow-up or maintenance session. Most patients need just one or two maintenance sessions for sun spot removal, Toronto, per year.


InMode Lumecca IPL offers a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for treating sun-damaged skin. It would reduce broken capillaries, brown spots, melasma, and other skin irregularities and restore even skin tone and complexion.


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