Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Renata Franca Method

Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage, Toronto, by using the Renata Franca method offers a safe and effective approach for cleansing your body. The lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at stimulating the functions of the lymphatic system in order to eliminate harmful toxins accumulated in the blood and other tissues.

The natural cleansing effect of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage would bring about a remarkable improvement in your general health as well as your skin complexion. Here is a brief discussion about what Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage means and how it works.

What is Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Brazilian lymphatic massage, Toronto, refers to a form of massage that involves stimulating the lymphatic drainage system of the body for the removal of toxins and excess fluids. This therapy is specifically suitable for eliminating excess body fluids that tend to get accumulated in the deeper tissues of the skin and muscles.

During lymphatic drainage massage, the physician provides gentle stimulation of the deep tissues to stimulate the lymph vessels and blood vessels in the part to help them carry away the harmful toxins and by-products more efficiently. This is expected to restore the natural functions of the skin making it more vibrant and younger.

It is a gentle massage therapy that can provide several benefits such as reducing excess fluid retention while accentuating the body curves. It also offers a safe and effective option for patients with cellulite. It would support the efficient removal of fluids retained in the body tissues through the lymphatic vessels and relieve the symptoms of this condition.

About Renata França

Renata Franca

Brazilian lymphatic massage, Toronto, offers an innovative body contouring and skin rejuvenating treatment recommended by a famous beautician, Renata França.  Renata França has helped thousands of young women to enhance their appearance so that they could overcome their skin and body contouring issues with this advanced lymphatic drainage treatment.

This unique technique developed by Renata França in Brazil was later adopted by her ‘pupils’ who learned this procedure to help patients address their skin and body shape concerns.  Let us have a look at how Brazilian lymphatic Drainage Massage works.

How does Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage work?

Our circulatory system consists of the heart, blood vessels, and the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system plays a key role in eliminating toxins from the body through a liquid known as lymph.

Since the lymph is usually absorbed more quickly than it can be eliminated, it may result in the accumulation of fluids between the cells and tissues resulting in fluids retention and swelling.

Lymphatic drainage massage recommended by Renata Franca stimulates the lymphatic systems, thus supporting faster elimination of toxins and fluids and reducing swelling in the body tissues.

The maneuvers used during each session of lymphatic drainage involve focused and directed caressing and kneading of the specific tissues of the body. The treatment is aimed at detoxifying the deeper tissues of the skin including muscles. Hence, it requires a higher precision while targeting the tissues that might be damaged or have cellulite.

The massage technique stimulates rapid movements of stagnant liquids from these tissues and promotes their flow towards the lymphatic junctions so that they can be carried easily to the kidneys for faster removal. The lymphatic system also supports the transport of the body fluids and toxins to the kidneys and other excretory organs so that they can be expelled from the body in an efficient manner.

The lymphatic drainage massage recommends by Renata França combines massage therapy with modeling. It works on the fatty deposits by mobilizing adipocytes towards the deeper areas in a controlled manner. This type of drainage process would help patients to get rid of the excess fats in those parts of the body where other cosmetic treatments are not effective.

Thus, lymphatic drainage massage can also help to eliminate excess body fats and improve body shape. It is considered an effective non-invasive treatment for recontouring the body silhouette by simply moving these excess fats through vigorous massaging movements.

How often a person needs to have Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage sessions?

Each session of Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage lasts for about 60 minutes, during which 20 maneuvers are performed to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Ideally, it is advisable to have 3 sessions of Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage done weekly until the symptoms of fluids retention, swelling, and cellulite have resolved. However, some patients may need more frequent sessions. Patients can also choose to undergo this therapy on a regular basis to eliminate toxins from the body, cleanse the blood, and restore a healthy skin complexion.

Patients can also have a few sessions of this treatment during the post-operative period to improve their recovery after some surgeries such as abdominoplasty, mammoplasty, and liposuction.

The results of this treatment vary depending on the patient’s metabolism.

What are the benefits of Brazilian lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Body contouring

The Renata França’s Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage offers a quick way to reshape your body contour. It is a non-invasive form of liposculpture that can be carried out manually to support the removal of excess fluids and unwanted tissues from beneath the skin.

Improved skin complexion

Lymphatic drainage therapy helps in the elimination of lymph and unwanted fluids accumulated beneath the deeper skin tissues thereby cleansing the body and restoring the healthy complexion of the skin.

Muscle toning

Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage near me can cleanse away the toxins in the muscles thereby improving the muscle mass and tone. It may also increase the metabolic rate of the body thereby supporting the faster burning of fats. This may help patients to shed several pounds and have well-sculpted and lean muscle mass.


Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage can refresh your skin complexion by eliminating all the toxins from the deeper tissues and rejuvenate it completely. It can reveal your inner beauty by removing all that is harmful and help your skin look vibrant.


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