Let’s begin with this- getting older is scary for most of us. In our youth, skin care, age prevention, wrinkles and volume loss are not even on our radar. And then... one day it’s just there. From crows feet and smile lines to deepening nasolabial folds and loss of volume. Most will panic and begin down the rabbit hole of Botox, fillers and injections. I wanted to invest my time and my money into finding a solution that would provide long lasting, dramatic results without resorting to knives or needles.


I contacted every laser therapy manufacturer I could find - I spent time with their clinical professionals, Research and Development teams and sales reps. I tried every treatment I thought would be useful to test for results, longevity, aesthetic and pain level. I knew right away after trying the InMode platform that this would be the technology I wanted to bring to my peers.


There are so many platforms that promise results, and after my research and experience, most do not live up to their promises. The entire Inmode lineup including Forma for the face and body, Body FX for body sculpting and cellulite reduction, and Lumecca for pigmentation, texture and discolouration is truly unrivalled in the dermatological industry.


This is the most results driven technology on the market - these high end radio frequency platforms are mainly used by plastic surgeons and specialty Dermatology Clinics where the other technologies are on a cosmetic spa level with minimal results.


I have completed my Laser Certification and trained closely under a revered plastic surgeon to ensure I can deliver the most amazing results possible with immediate visible results and long term cumulative benefits. 


And with that said, Tight Clinic Toronto was born! I am bringing my passion and expertise paired with the most revolutionary and high end technology available to my friends, peers and clients downtown Toronto. Whether you are in your twenties and you are looking to maintain fresh, tight skin, increase collagen production and prevent the aging process from creeping in, or you have more mature skin, Forma can restore and maintain the youth, bounce and glow we are all seeking. 


At Tight Clinic Toronto, we will sculpt your face and body with incredible results! My passion is keeping healthy, fit and young and I will share this with everyone I can downtown Toronto. From Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Chrissy Tiegan, Ashley Tisdale, Emma Roberts and most of young Hollywood, they could entrust their face to any procedure money can buy but they chose InMode Forma - I hope this gives you the confidence to take the first step to a more glowing, youthful you! Come visit our beautiful new space in the heart of King Street West in Downtown Toronto and put some bounce in your skin and in your step! #keepittight, Toronto!





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